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SO. It's kinda been ages and a half since I posted much of anything, so, here I go posting something. So about a month after my last journal, I moved to Ottawa (for those of you who didn't know what Canada was, Ottawa is our capital and about 7 hours away from where I used to live), living by myself with 3 pets, a bird, a puppy (whom I got upon moving), and a fish. I'm really proud of the fish's name, but a lot of people miss the reference :(

He's a betta fish, as such his name is Betta Ray Bill.

If you got that joke, we're probably soul mates.

I got a job at The Source (Canadian Radio Shack, essentially), which I'm doing quite well at. It's only really a matter of time until I get to manage my own store, so, rolling up the corporate ramp. I've started taking up crochet (specifically amigurumi), so I might have more stuff to post here in coming days. But, work and social obligations leave me pretty tied up.

Oh, the lady I was seeing at the time. Her and I broke up in December. Nothing hostile. She's a fabulous gal, and I have absolutely nothing against her except for the fact that we weren't cut out to work out. The distance made it rough, and we didn't have much time for each other. I THINK we're still friends, but we haven't spoken in over a month, so. We'll see what comes of that. But still, I hope things are going well for her.

Living alone was awesome at first, but honest I've found myself getting really lonely in recent days. So I've been going out more, and my pets destroy my apartment when I'm away (except Bill), which makes me not want to go out. And people have been suggesting I cage my pets when I'm gone. Well, that would be fine and dandy if I were only out for an hour or two, but I'm gone for huge gaps. I work 10 hours a day, for crap's sake. So, I'm looking into obedience school for Leo, as for Angelo he only ever poops in one spot just under his favourite perching spot, so that's just a Lysol away from being fixed. My dog is becoming a mountain of expenses, with neutering, shots, food, replacing stuff he destroys. But I still love the shit out of him.

Oh, and I got a PS3, so I have so many more games to rant about now.

So yeah, that's all I've got going on in my life right now. Just felt like...venting I guess. Ciao.


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Gamer by trade, epic anime fan, sculptor, techy, sprite artist, author, hopeless romantic. I'm a little of everything. Dig deep enough, I'm sure you'll find something you like :)

Don't be afraid to try to get to know me. I won't bite ;)

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