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Mega Man- Battle NESwork by Superfreaky228 Mega Man- Battle NESwork :iconsuperfreaky228:Superfreaky228 0 0 Metal Man- Unfinished by Superfreaky228 Metal Man- Unfinished :iconsuperfreaky228:Superfreaky228 1 0 Halloween costume idea: Batpool- The Dead Knight by Superfreaky228 Halloween costume idea: Batpool- The Dead Knight :iconsuperfreaky228:Superfreaky228 0 3 PesterGrumps preview. by Superfreaky228 PesterGrumps preview. :iconsuperfreaky228:Superfreaky228 1 2
Living Weapon- Fine Print- Hidden Agendas prequel
"Where am I?" The young man thought to himself. "I feel warm... happy... safe. Where am I? What is this place?" His eyes slowly peeled open, and as light flooded his corneas for the first time, his eyes fluttered rapidly, rejecting the light, easing into it's brightness, it's warmth. It was then he realized he could not move, floating, yet suspended, in a glass tube. His container was full of a thick, yellow liquid. It felt... secure, like the embrace of a concerned mother. But the steel restraints on his wrist were not loving, not soft. It was clear to him this was a prison. With all his strength, he struggled, pulling his arms forward, ripping out of his shackles, smashing the tube. The liquid rushed onto the floor, as he fell into it, craving freedom, but scared to stray from it's heat. It was then, as he tried to crawl forward, he met resistance. Thick, red wires digging into his back halted his progress. There was no pain, only irritation. Slowly he brought himself to his feet, te
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Cherubim (prototype) by Superfreaky228 Cherubim (prototype) :iconsuperfreaky228:Superfreaky228 3 11
Waking up.
I woke up in the strange bed, covered in the foreign, almost fake feeling clothing they'd dressed me in. I guess they were easy to move in, but hardly comfortable. Rather, hardly comforting. They reminded me of where I was, and why I was there. The lights were on, and no window was nearby to inform me of whether or not it was night or day. I attempted to sit up and turn to get myself out of the bed, but was snagged on the tube inserted into my arm. I had forgotten it was there, so the sudden jolt stung briefly. So the right of the bed was a bright red button, in case I needed any help. I begrudgingly reached for it, hating the fact that I needed to. Within minutes, a strangely cheerful woman in pink scrubs came over and helped me out of bed, placing me into the wheelchair, with the IV in a holder attached to it. How was it that the people here were always so smiley, I wondered? Were they faking it, or just so genuinely excited by the fact that most of the people here were likely to die
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Sigmus Lilnib Updated by Superfreaky228 Sigmus Lilnib Updated :iconsuperfreaky228:Superfreaky228 2 0 Fantroll Ministrife- Sigmus Lilnib by Superfreaky228 Fantroll Ministrife- Sigmus Lilnib :iconsuperfreaky228:Superfreaky228 1 2 Yar har pir8 crew!!!!!!!! ::::) by Superfreaky228 Yar har pir8 crew!!!!!!!! ::::) :iconsuperfreaky228:Superfreaky228 9 0 Homestuck's Blackest Night 1/3 by Superfreaky228 Homestuck's Blackest Night 1/3 :iconsuperfreaky228:Superfreaky228 3 2
Damian Wayne: Robin, No Longer.
    I jumped from rooftop to rooftop, through the cold, the thick fog, the blackness of night, the way I have since my childhood. Father has trained me over the years, teaching me to track my prey, to predict their movements. I have learned the ways of justice, that I have no right to judge whether or not these disgusting criminals deserve to live or not. Father knows if I had my way, none of them would. But that is not how we operate. He is the Batman, a symbol of hope for the people, fear for the criminal underworld. And I am Robin, the Boy Wonder, his sidekick, his soldier, his son.
    Though recently, my thoughts are changing. I am now eighteen years of age, and I have been his Robin since my childhood. I was not the first, and as much as it must pain him to know, I may well be the last. Father is aging, deteriorating, rotting. Batman is dying, whether or not he sees it himself.
    Patrol was proving boring. Gotham was quiet tonight, nothing on the s
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PokeChum 1.2 Update by Superfreaky228 PokeChum 1.2 Update :iconsuperfreaky228:Superfreaky228 0 0 PokeChum Update 1.1 by Superfreaky228 PokeChum Update 1.1 :iconsuperfreaky228:Superfreaky228 1 3 PokeChum!- A Pesterchum Theme by Superfreaky228 PokeChum!- A Pesterchum Theme :iconsuperfreaky228:Superfreaky228 2 12
A lazy afternoon in Azalea
Coming out of his home in Azalea Town home, Alex sleepily walked towards the edge of town, followed closely by his Slowpoke. "I'm exhausted, bud. What say we hit the well and relax for a while.
"Slooooooow.." his companion yawned in agreement. Alex smiled and nodded, continuing toward their destination.
"Yeah, I'm lookin' forward to a taste of that water." he said, licking his obviously dry lips. He lowered himself onto the ladder, pausing for a moment. "Hop on my back, bud. I'll help you down." Slowpoke just stood there, staring blankly at his master for a moment before boarding.
At the bottom of the well, Alex took off his shoes and dipped his feet in the water, Slowpoke plopping down beside him. He pat it on the head, smiling. "Should we let the others in on our relaxation session?" No response. He sighed, "You're a dumb motherfucker, aren't you? But I can't help but love ya, y'know" he explained. Slowpoke turned itself around, sticking it's tail in. Alex unlatched his five Pokeball
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TUTORIAL - Winter Soldier's metal arm by marinecosplaybr TUTORIAL - Winter Soldier's metal arm :iconmarinecosplaybr:marinecosplaybr 337 45 monster hunter in chibi by ProEvilBlackList04 monster hunter in chibi :iconproevilblacklist04:ProEvilBlackList04 307 15 Jazzzy+Kari by Jasminesparkelbum13
Mature content
Jazzzy+Kari :iconjasminesparkelbum13:Jasminesparkelbum13 2 2
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I'm going to be completely honest, I drooled a little bit when I first saw this. I understand that this is no small undertaking, and th...


Remember when I used to post things on here?

Haha, how young we were.

So, I've decided to try my hand at Let's Plays, so chances are you won't hear from little ol me much on DeviantArt for a while.

If ever, if we're being totally honest.

SO. If you're interested, hit me up on the Youtubes and the Facebooks, spread me around, make me famous.

If not, well.

So long, DeviantArt.……


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Gamer by trade, epic anime fan, sculptor, techy, sprite artist, author, hopeless romantic. I'm a little of everything. Dig deep enough, I'm sure you'll find something you like :)

Don't be afraid to try to get to know me. I won't bite ;)


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